Round 1
Wednesday 21st April 2018
North London SME


The Track

Construction of M.D.F. with 4 lanes and 96ft. 6in. in length.


Race Director

Allan (Chopper) Feldman


The Drivers

Steve Francis - white lane, Danny Kempson - yellow lane, the legendary Bob Hallums on blue lane and Steve Carter on red lane


The Grid



Report from da' Boss

Another rambunctious proxy race at North London with food, drink and banter - none of which is Facebook-friendly unfortunately. The above car parts are now on my to-do list once I've identified their rightful owners ...

The bottom three cars will go into the garage for retuning after consultation with their owners. Missing parts will be reattached and we'll head of the Raceway 81 in June for Round 2.

Steve Kempson.



Podium Winners

2nd - Paul Wolcot                      1st - Steve Kempson                   3rd - Andy Brown-Searle


Race Results


A bit of Carnage

4 flakes of pale green paint.
3 light buckets.
2 driver's heads.
And a Porsche wheel insert.